The Apex of Therapeutics
Company Introduction
Therapex is committed to growth and evolution
Therapex’s every moment of breath
  • 08
    4th generation non-small cell lung cancer targeted anti-cancer drug
    TRX-221 U.S. FDA approves phase 1 clinical trial
  • 04
    At America AACR, announces poster of preclinical results of 4th
    generation non-small cell lung cancer candidate material TRX-221
  • 03
    Holding the 1st clinical advisory committee in 4th generation non-
    small cell lung cancer therapeutics candidate material TRX-221
  • 10
    MOU Concluding on development of
    new anti-cancer drugs with Wuxi Apptech
  • 05
    Office on the 5th floor of Munjeong-dong
    / Bio-laboratory Expansion
  • 04
    Changing the corporate name to Therapex
  • 04
    Completing the spinoff of Organoid Division
  • 02
    Joint research agreement with Elgen
    Therapeutics on developing PROTAC agents
    엘젠테라퓨틱스와 PROTAC 공동연구 협약
  • 09
    Embarking on build-up of new drug R&D pipeline
  • 08
    Moving the headquarter and R&D center
    to Songpa Area with expanded capacity
  • 03
    Appointing Dr. Koo Lee as CEO
  • 08
    Joint research agreement with Yonsei University Severance Biomedical
    Science Institute on developing new drugs for lung cancer patients
  • 07
    Founded Interpark Bioconvergence Corp.